该产品适用于炼钢中作为钼元素加入剂,是冶炼合金钢、工具钢、不锈钢、模具钢的添加剂,用于耐磨、耐热铸铁件生产中,普遍用于冶金建材 机械、地质等行业 。

牌号和化学因素  Grade and Chemical Composition

手艺要求:按国标GB3649-87执行 。钼铁按钼及杂质含量的差别分为九个牌号,其化学因素应切合下表的划定:

Technical Requirements: Conduct as per National Standard GB3649-87.Ferromolybdenum is divided into 9 classes depending on different content of molybdenum and impurities of which the chemical composition shall be in accordance with the standards in the following table:


物理状态  Physical State

1、产品以块状交货,块度规模为10-100mm, 10x 10mm以下粒度不得凌驾该批总重量的5% ,允许少量块度在一个偏向最大尺寸为80mm.

Products shall be delivered in lump, size range: 10-100mm, amount of particles below 10x 10mm shall not exceed 5% of the total weight of the same batch, small amount of particles with maximal size of 80mm in one direction is allowed.

2.如用户有要求,可提供10~100mm,10~50mm, 10mm以下差别粒度的产品 。每种粒度规模所允许的上、下限的重量百分数,由供需双方商定 。

If required by users, products with particle size below 10~100mm, 10~50mm and 10mm can be supplied. Allowed weight percentage of upper and lower limit of each particle size shall be decided by both parties.

3.如用户对粒度尚有特殊需要,可由双方商定 。

Particle size shall be decided by both parties if users have special requirements.

用  途  Application

该产品适用于炼钢中作为钼元素加入剂,是冶炼合金钢、工具钢、不锈钢、模具钢的添加剂,用于耐磨、耐热铸铁件生产中,普遍用于冶金建材、机械、地质等行业 。

This product is used as additives of molybdenum elements for steel-making and as additive for smelting of alloy steel, tool steel, die steel,and is used in the production of wear-resisting and heat-resisting iron castings, so it is widely applied to industies as metallurgy and building material, machinery, geology, etc.

包装储运  Packaging and Storage & Transportation

产品接纳铁通包装和袋包装,每件为50Kg、100Kg两种, 用户有特殊要求可商定储运 。保管防水、防潮,可代庖托运 。产品品质磨练、组批包装等方面一律按GB3650-85执行 。

This product shall be packed in iron bucket and bags, there are 50kg and 100kg, two kinds, storage & transportation shall be decided by both parties if there are special requirements by users. Pay attention to waterproof and damp-proof for storage and consignment can be conducted. Product quality inspection and component batch packaging shall be conducted according to GB3650-85.

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