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镍是略带黄色的银白色金属,是一种具有铁磁性的过渡金属,电解镍是使用电解法制成的镍,用它制造的不锈钢和种种合金钢被普遍地用于飞机、坦克、舰艇、雷达、导弹、宇宙飞船等领域 。

手艺要求( 暂行)  Technical Requirements (Interim)

切合国标GB/T6516-1997划定的牌号为Ni9996的电解镍,其中镍和钴总量不小于99.96%,且钴含量不大于0.02% 。

替换品:切合国标GB/T6516-1997划定的牌号为Ni9999的电解镍;或切合ASTM B39-79 (2004)划定的原镍,其中镍含量不低于99.8% 。

Electrolytic nickel with the brand of ni9996 conforming to the national standard gb/t6516-1997, in which the total amount of nickel and cobalt is not less than 99.96%, and the content of cobalt is not more than 0.02%.

Substitute: electrolytic nickel with the brand of ni9999 conforming to the national standard gb/t6516-1997; Or raw nickel conforming to ASTM b39-79 (2004), in which the nickel content is not less than 99.8%.

用  途  Application

镍是略带黄色的银白色金属,是一种具有铁磁性的过渡金属,电解镍是使用电解法制成的镍,用它制造的不锈钢和种种合金钢被普遍地用于飞机、坦克、舰艇、雷达、导弹、宇宙飞船和民用工业中的一些制造、陶瓷颜料、永磁质料、电子?氐攘煊 。

Nickel is a slightly yellow silver white metal, which is a transition metal with ferromagnetism. Electrolytic nickel is nickel made by electrolysis. Stainless steel and various alloy steels made from it are widely used in aircraft, tanks, ships, radars, missiles, spacecraft and some manufacturing in civil industry, ceramic pigments, permanent magnet materials, electronic remote control and other fields.

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